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Since it has come to the attention of your mods that we have a lot of characters who like to get into everyone else's business: to facilitate this and eliminate the constant WHAT CAN MY CHARACTER KNOW ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER posts from each individual character--

We present to you this post for all your busybody needs. Here's how it's going to work:

1. Comment with your characters and their usernames using this form (one for each character, please!):

- PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Specify the general information that could be known by anyone and everyone (if they care) for each character.
- SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Specify, if applicable, any specific juicy tidbits that more information-sensitive characters like spies or detectives would be able to dig up.
- POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Characters who are famous, infamous or otherwise part of popular culture will be listed in the main body of this post; so whether your character is a famous singer, murderer, captain, etc.--please note if you think they'd be eligible!
- If you need to update the information, just reply to your original comment. If the thread gets too cluttered, a mod may ask you to consolidate and move all the information to a new comment, deleting the original for easier perusal.

2. If you have a character who'd like to use this knowledge, and you aren't sure from the information given whether or how they'd obtain it--simply ask the original poster in their thread. Easy as pie.




[Bellcius] Lunchland: Owned by the Ichinotani family, its a family-run food store that is most famous for its lunchtime specials and flocked often by the people.

[Bellcius] The Shis: A fairly wealthy and influential family, their youngest son Shi Ryuuki (anonymousryuuki) has left for reasons only known to him.

[Ivona] The Hyuugas: An Ivonian wealthy noble family known for their snootiness, adeptness in hand to hand combat, and close ties to the military. The family members are distinguishable by their colorless pupils that also have a tendency to look rather creepy up close.

[Kropmork-Nahk] Fairy Tail: A Mage's Guild known for its open environment, powerful mages, and tendency to cause collateral damage.

[Kropmork-Nahk] The Organization: An underground group that are dedicated to searching for a legendary Mana Crystal, known under various names including 'The Heartstone' and 'The Philospher's Stone' depending on region.

[Melior] Melior Delivery Service: Largest delivery service in Melior. Run by Ness's (eighthmelody) sister Tracy.

[Vohemar] The Kurosakis: Not directly related to the other Kurosakis in Melior, known to every in the business in that region as the second-to-none shipwrights. The head Nagare Kurosaki is a respected voice in the region's shipwright guild, and also leads the civilian-based militia known as the Bydan-Licere Volunteers. His son Hisoka Kurosaki (son_of_the_lake) is currently known to be working in the Ivonian military.

[Vohemar] The Mikawa: Otherwise more well-known as Trewe's private militia force, they have made a name for being strong and fierce in the battles they are in, not letting their foes take them without a fight. More notable is their head Tokugawa Ieyasu (bondsofunity), who succeeded the position of commander at the young age of fifteen and has been still holding it since.

[Vohemar & Badlands] Jägermonsters: Known as bloodthirsty monsters who served a mad scientist family around Mechanicsburg, at the Vohemar/Badlands border.

[Reial] Beggar's Sect: A well-known sect within the martial arts world (and some other connections) whose members are mostly known (or seem to be) beggars. Known well for their sense of justice and many acts of good around the continent, but few do know that their leader Huang Rong (the19thchief) is actually a female.

[Reial] Fog Murders: A series of strange, unsolved and inexplicable murders cases whereby the victims are found hanging from radio antennas during foggy days. Started in a small town near Tulgim, but after awhile a copycat murders have arisen around the continent to follow its distinctive pattern.

[Reial] Mamma Gkika's: Almost anyone who's heard of the Jägers will have heard of this bar. Situated near the Badlands, the tavern serves a dual-purpose: on the surface, it welcomes tourists from both nations looking for a little drink and dance with "real" Jägergirls (actually human girls in costume). In the shadows, it serves as a pit stop for traveling Jägers.

[Reial] The Dark Order: An organization that is made up of people (known otherwise as Exorcists) who use specially built magitech weapons in order to combat supernatural forces across the continent.

[Reial] The Shiroganes: A very well-known family of detectives based in Berum, but spread out all over the continent. Naoto (fifthshirogane) is the sole 5th generation heir who has been dubbed the "Detective Prince" by the media.

[Reial] The Wild Geese: Founded by Pip Bernadette (coyotealpha). Fairly well-known Badlands mercenary group and the subject of small-time gossip around the continent, now currently known to be disbanded after their base at Garettstown went down in an abrupt arson attack.


[Erealia] Larsa Ferrinas Solidor (prodigyheir): The young heir to the royal House Solidor, known for being extremely kind, eloquent, and loyal. Those from Erealia are bound to know the little prince.

[Ivona] Ichinotani Kyouka (bustybentobabe): Former strategist and information specialist in the Ivona military, she was nearly legendary in the military for her skills with interrogation and information gathering, and was given the nickname of the 'Cough-up Queen' for her work. However after an incident two years ago she was mysteriously discharged from service and now goes under the alias of 'Angel Starr'.

[Ivona/Badlands] Leo de Alkirk (fangofjustice): Former captain of the now abolished Destiny, his name is well-known in Ivona's military and among worshippers of the goddess Althena. Some people in Ivona regard him as the 'White Knight', though people in the Badlands tend to look at him as an arrogant fop.

[Solare] Hijikata Toshirou (mayovice): Notorious for mercilessly killing pursuers back in the day, but that aspect of him was known only as 'the dark-haired demon' or more the more commonly termed 'Demon of Solare'.

[Vohemar] Erika Celadon (petaldancing): Known all over the state as her position as one of the eight in the Vohemar League, but mostly well-known in the Colvus area for her teachings.

[Vohemar] Rock Lee (the_blue_beast): A figure that travellers and citizens there know of, having done dastardly deeds of goodwill and bravery even when not asked. Also known to be very very loud (and the battle cries don't help), and is seen nothing as a flash of blue when saves people.

[Vohemar] Takasugi Shinsuke (alastinglight): Somewhat well-known to anyone connected enough to those influential enough on the Vohemaro side of things, especially those who were involved with the ill-fated Bydan uprisings a good decade or so back. Also was secretly the leader of the infamous (now disbanded) terrorist group known as the Kihetai.

[Reial] Erza Scarlet (armorgal): A famous female bodyguard and monster hunter, commonly known as 'Titania Erza'.

[Reial] Howell Jenkins (strange_wonders): Known under many aliases as a well known wizard who owns a shop around the continent. Also owner of The Walking Castle. Rumoured to be a very wicked man who enjoys eating the hearts of young women and stealing their souls.

[Reial] Isaac Dian (whatsthatmiria): One half of the pair that's known widely to be directly responsible for a series of high-profile and unconventional robberies that targeted at just about anything and everything. Their M.O. involves costumes and theft in broad daylight, so just about anyone with connections to crime will be aware of them very quickly and easily. However ever since the duo were separated, their actions have died down along with the stories.

[Reial] Kisuke Urahara (maggotnesting): One of the most well-known figures in the underground market (the grey and the black), regarded for being easy, confidential, and safe to deal with, though his prices run a little high.

[Reial] Miles Edgeworth (edge_of_honor): Former first mate of the now decommissioned Victoria II. Oftentimes gets a mention in news articles (and political cartoons) that feature the Victoria II or Manfred von Karma. In Vohemar, he has a shady and vague reputation as a traitor and a sellout, especially among those directly involved with piracy. Currently rumoured to have committed suicide in light of a major scandal, though some digging within the military will discover otherwise.

☆ [Reial] Manfred von Karma (karmauberalles): The former captain of the former Ivonian fleet's flagship, the now disbanded Victoria II. Associated with various shady rumors as well as legends; a formidable figure both politically and militarily. Opinions on him tend to be polarized; from extreme respect to outright hatred. Now known to have been 'honourably discharged' from military service following a scandal between him and his former first mate Miles Edgeworth.

[Reial] Ness Lakehaven (eighthmelody): Known among magic geeks for being roughly the most famous PSI user in Reial (there aren't that many of them).

[Reial] Roy Mustang (thewarisover): Decorated war veteran and State Alchemist of the Ivonian armed forces, known best for his exploits during the Ishval Campaign. Also a household name in alchemy, especially amongst alchemists.

[Reial] Utena Tenjou (princelyspirit): Known as a wandering vigilante swordsman with long pink hair and a 'princely' demeanour, she's been rumoured to have been popping around all over the continent and performing superhuman feats to defend people from danger. Not especially famous, but she's been talked around as something of a lesser-known urban legend.

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