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This was originally supposed to be a function of the Mod Contact post, but since nobody was actually using it for that, we decided to spin it off into its own post.

This is a post for you to use to contact us about any complaints or problems you might be having. We understand that in any RP - certainly one as large as this one's become - problems will inevitably arise. These can range from issues with the setting, to the actions of other characters or players, or the way you feel a certain plot is moving.

We want everyone to get the best RPing experience possibly out of theskytides, so we try to correct or fix these problems whenever we discover them. Unfortunately, we mods are only human. The game's gotten too large for us to notice everything, and sometimes people keep their problems to themselves and we don't have any way of discovering them. That's why we encourage you to use this post to bring any and all complaints or issues you're experiencing to us, no matter how minor. All comments are screened.

A few things to bear in mind:

We are reasonable people. We aren't going to overreact if some criticism of how we've run the game is brought to us. We all have a pretty good sense of humor about ourselves, and are always looking for ways to improve the game.

Similarly, if your complaint involves another player, you don't have to worry about us going off half-cocked and causing trouble for someone. In the event that we do have to take action about a specific player's actions (which is unfortunate, but sometimes necessary), we will always be sure to work with both sides to try and work out the best course of action. You don't have to worry about making waves or causing kneejerk reactions from us.

No complaint is too small. Seriously, if there's any problems that you're having, be they big or small, we want to know about it. You don 't have to worry about bothering us over nothing, or anything like that; if it's a problem for you, we want to fix it. End of story.

You can comment anonymously. IP logging is off, and like we said earlier, all comments are screened. However, we encourage you to identify yourself, so that if we have followup questions we can contact you with them.

Anything you send us will remain fully confidential. We aren't eager to start up a witch hunt for a 'tattler' or anything like that. Like any (competant) school principal, we won't tell anyone who complained about anything...unless you want us to, of course.

Please submit your complaint in the following format:

Topic of complaint
Here, just write down whatever it is you are having a problem with. For example, if you had an issue with the Kagatau plot as it is being presented, you would write 'Kagatau plot' or something similar here.

Summary of Complaint
Just summarize the problem in a sentence or two. This is just to let us know right out of the gate what the problem is. Don't worry, we'll be sure to fully read the next section, which is:

Details of Complaint
And when we say Details, we want the full, gory details. Please be as specific as possible as you describe what the problem is. We encourage you to include whatever supporting information you feel is necessary, from links to copies of AIM chatlogs. We want to have as much information as possible before we take any sort of action. Again, all comments are screened to this post, and we will consider anything you send us fully confidential.

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