The Sky Tides Mods (saltybirds) wrote,
The Sky Tides Mods


On the floating continent of Reial, tensions run high as two rival powers struggle for control.

It was over five hundred years ago that people first made it to this floating continent from the lands below. Even as they spread out and thrived, the knowledge of the world below and the technology that had brought them there was lost. They were stranded in this new land, for better or for worse. Time marched on, and soon enough the reasons ceased to matter as much compared to survival. A new civilization grew from this small start, with its own history and problems.

To the east, there's Ivona. This country is a jewel in every possible way - at least on the surface. For all their technological advancements and projects 'for the welfare of the people', land is scarce and the poor jam the streets in every city. Except for the nearly inhospitable area in the north, most of Ivona is covered with a network of homes and buildings. Finding clear land anywhere is a challenge. Ever since a major border skirmish over two hundred years ago, the military has held the most power, leaving little in the way of their push for expanding the borders.

To the west, beyond the mountains and desert that make up the Badlands, you have Vohemar. Originally a colony of Ivona, they split off long ago and have since become a strong nation in their own right. Vohemar is nearly completely lawless compared to its parent country, a haven for those folks that don't like being told what to do. While the country is lacking in technology, they make up for it in ample land and resources... when the abundant hostile monsters here don't get in the way of using it. There's still plenty of animosity towards Ivona, and few people here would be shedding any tears should something unfortunate happen over there.

About 150 years ago, the advancements that made large airships possible also negated the dangers of crossing the Badlands. Now, the two countries are at each other's throats more than ever, and the threat of war is looming on the horizon.

Whether you choose a side or stick it out on your own, everything depends on the choices you make. Pick a ship, and choose your destiny.
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