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If you have a question about any aspect of the game, ask us here!
If you're seeking to tell a mod something instead, you might want to try this post.

- What kinds of series/canons are allowed within the game?
Essentially, any fandom from any type of medium can be considered. Even a series based on pure insanity can be accepted as long as the character is adapted to the game's setting.

We even allow people to apply as talking animals or possibly other, stranger things - but keep in mind that we still reserve the right to reject anything that's too outrageous. It's also worth remembering that, despite the fact that you're playing a mascot, you'll have to still meet all activity requirements. You are of course very much welcome to give them a humanoid form instead, to make interaction easier.

-If there's multiple versions of the same character spread across different canons, can the different versions all be apped in TST? (ex: characters that show up in multiple CLAMP series, the KH and FF versions of Squaresoft characters, manga vs game vs anime versions of Pokemon characters, etc)

This is something that varies from character to character and series to series, and will be handled on a case by case basis. However, a good rule of thumb is that in order to be allowed, the different versions must have distinct personalities, histories, and/or names from each other. For example, the versions of Cloud in Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy compilation are too similar to be allowed as different characters in TST. On the other hand, Green from Pokemon Special and Gary Oak from the Pokemon anime are distinct enough to be allowed side by side. In the end, though, the decision is up to mod discretion.

- Are characters from webcomics allowed?
They are on a case-by-case basis. We would prefer that you ask the creator of the webcomic if it would be allowed. If you're unable to get a response from them, then it's up to us mods to decide if we'll allow it.

- Do you limit relationships in this game?
Not at all! We're good with het, slash, yaoi, yuri, clockwork love, what have you. Just keep in mind our rule on no excessive NC-17 content.

- What is steampunk and how does it apply here?
Wikipedia defines it as "works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used" with many technological advancements similar to our time, only using steam instead of our more modern energy sources. [See the glossary for more details on specific technology.]

In terms of our game setting, this mostly changes the nature of the environment. Steam can be found in abundance, though the richer cities will typically have whiter, "clean" smoke as opposed to some of the more desolate towns, which are covered in a dense, gray fog. It is not uncommon to find huge smokestacks rising up to the heavens. The buildings themselves take on a traditional flare. Many areas, especially those in Ivona, are reminiscent of a city in Victorian England. It is also not entirely uncommon to find huge gears rising out from the pavement, as clockwork is another popular source of energy, at least in cities.

Airships also take on a very romanticized air. In the vein of steampunk, most of them run on powerful steam engines. The rare ship may run on the cleaner ‘lightning’ energy source, but as this is hard to obtain in large quantities it is usually not used for such purposes. [See the glossary for more details.]

- What's the status on women on ships?
There's no real status difference between men and women on the ships, in general, but of course, individual captains and ships will have their own little quirks.

- Are the PCs allowed to have their own ships?
No. That's both the long and the short of it.

The people we select as ship captains are essentially mini-mods - they know more details about secret plots than other players do, and are also in charge of running plots for the people on their ship, which can potentially get quite large. We've chosen these people both because we trust them to be good players and we know that they'll remain active. Yes, there may be special circumstances in the future, but our OOC criteria for selecting ship captains will not change.

We're very sorry if your character is canonly a captain. As this game is AU, we don't think that it will be a problem to pick a lower position. You're of course still welcome to ask for any position that's below the captain's; perhaps being a first mate or quartermaster would suit these types of characters well?

- Will IC promotions happen?
This is entirely up to both the captain of the ship and the circumstances around it. Your characters are, of course, welcome to shoot for whatever new positions they wish, but OOCly this will have to be discussed by the muns in question. We will NOT tolerate any OOC badgering for a promotion. Mods will only change positions around if direct approval from the captain is given, and all muns in question agree to the change.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT IC DEMOTIONS MAY ALSO HAPPEN! However, this will not be arbitrarily done. The only basis for demotions will be IC actions leading to that IC consequence, and the captains will speak to the person in question about it OOCly first. This is meant to move or start plots, not to punish anyone.

- Are characters allowed to be civilians?
Absolutely! We do require that every character be on board a ship, but that doesn't mean they have to be a member of the crew. Just put 'civilian' or 'passenger' instead of a ship position so we'll know that's what you want.

Ship hopping is also welcome, even for those who are already on a ship's crew and want to move. You don't have to be stuck with the same crew forever unless you want to.

- My character has specialized skills or abilities that don't fit with any of the listed ship positions! What should I do?
First of all, it's worth mentioning that we would not like to create new ship positions. It's simply not fair to the people that applied for normal ones.

That being said, you have a few options. You can always pick a normal position for your character, and mention that they do specialized things on the side. Moonlighting in a fashion like this is perfectly acceptable, as long as the captains approve it, of course.

Another method of doing this is to make your character a passenger. They could possibly pay their way on board by working with their special skills, or simply do it while they travel, for whatever reason.

- My character is a member of a royal family in their canon. What's the in-game equivalent of this?
It is possible if your character comes from Erealia, one of the floating islands with a medieval theme. There are two things to keep in mind if you go this route - that you may have other applicants who'll end up being your siblings or cousins, and that any authority you have will be limited to only what's within Erealia.

The second option is to make your character a wealthy member of the upper class in either country, though it's more common in Ivona. While the rich only have authority as far as their wealth and reputation, there's a fair amount of people in this category who are descended from the warlords of Ivona's past, who are now heavily romanticized. There's also a good number of people in this category who gained their wealth in other ways, so you have plenty of options here.

- Does the Eastern naming order of last-name-first exist in the game?
It does, if you want to use it. While there obviously isn't a Japan in the game, there are still areas that maintain an Eastern-like culture. It's similar to our policy on languages - yes, languages other than English exist, they're just not the norm.

If you're applying for a character with a distinctly Eastern background, keeping it or changing it is still completely up to you, and that includes the naming order issue.

- What should my character wear?
Attire is also heavily steampunk-influenced. Many people dress with a Victorian flare, with a few embellishments here and there. While Vohemaros may dress down more than the Ivonians, they nonetheless still maintain something of a Victorian flare along with their more pirate-oriented outfits.

While you are of course welcome to design your character’s attire as you wish, please keep in mind the AU setting of the game. Here are a few links to get you started:

Steampunk on Flickr
Steampunk Fasion on Flickr
Steampunk Gear on Flickr (requires a Flickr account to view)

- I'd like to introduce a plot that needs approval, due to either being ship-wide or having an impact on the game world. Who should I talk to?
For ship-wide plots, you should talk to the captain of the ship involved. For anything that'll change some part of the setting, please talk to one of the mods. This can be hard to determine, so here's a clarification - messing with any random NPC or blowing up a random building doesn't need mod consent. If you want to blow up the Military Academy, leave a huge crater somewhere, or assume that a fight with the flagship of a country happened, that will need mod consent.

We would really prefer that you ask about plots directly, so that we know who to talk to. But if you'd rather not, the mod contact post is available.

-My character is able to summon creatures in his canon. Can he summon creatures in TST?
Yes, with the following caveats:

1) New characters are limited to three summons at the start of the game. They might be able to summon more later on, with mod approval. The process to get new summons is the same as other ability upgrades; please see the rules for more information.

2) The summons must still follow the same rules regarding power limits as PCs. Especially powerful summons may have to be downgraded to fit in with the game.

3) As of now, characters are not allowed to come from alternate dimensions or planes of existence outside of Reial. This is to keep everything focused on this setting, and to keep the cosmology of the world flexible. We ask that you keep this in mind when describing summons.

-Can my character come from an alternate dimension?

For the most part, no. Even if they're a world hopper, characters from different dimensions more often than not counteract the AU aspect of the game. We want to see characters as they would be if they grew up in the setting, not canon characters just discovering the setting.

However, we may make exceptions in a few rare, uncommon cases, providing the characters meet the following criteria:

1. They must be suitably adapted to the setting. Basically, we want to see characters all ready established in Reial and its surrounding islands. The longer they've been on the continent, the better. If you can't tell any difference between their AU history and their canon history, then it needs some reworking.

2. There must be no way for them to go back to their home dimension, or to bring others to and from it. The game is all ready largely based on travel; adding alternate dimensions would distract from in-game locations, as well as the setting. Not only that, it has some major plot and game breaking potential.

3. The dimensions in question are not a part of an established RL or fictitious cosmology. Basically, that means no demons from the actual gates of Hell, no valkyries from Valhalla, and don't even think of inviting the Burning Crusade over for brunch. Being vague is your friend. Instead of going, "And so Jane Doe fell from the Pearly Gates of Heaven", describe it as "And Jane Doe fell from a land of light and wonder and annoying fat kids with harps."

4. They must have a connection to other worlds in their canon. For example, if a character was summoned from another world into the setting their series takes place in, we may be more lenient on allowing something similar to happen in their AU history. However, this is not a guarantee

However, we do prefer that players avoid alternate dimensions as much as possible. In several, if not most cases, they can be replaced with in game locations or described as coming from far away, little known lands. For example, a character from a canon based on Norse Mythology may be from a distant island named Asgard, instead of a plane similar to Asgard.

Also, when in doubt, a character may be unaware of where they originally came from. For all they know, they could have been dropped in from a mysterious island, another plane of existence, or some guy's closet. Who can say?

Note, however, that this applies to dimensions that have an unclear connection to Reial. Pocket dimensions that have a connection to Reial are a bit different; see the next FAQ for more information.

-So, what's a pocket dimension?

Pocket dimensions (also known as "parasite universes") are other planes of existence that are directly connected to Reial and no other universe. They can manifest in many different ways; for example, one could be a realm in which beasts reside to be summoned into Reial from, another could be a world influenced by the dreams of those who live on Reial, and so on. We do ask that pocket dimensions be reserved for characters who have a similar concept in their canon.

We're also a bit more lax on how pocket dimensions connect to characters' canons, though we do ask that players try to avoid metaphysical concepts that belong to religions and mythologies that exist IRL when possible. We may also ask for revisions to a pocket universe concept if it, like a divorced alternate reality, could distract from the main setting. We may also ask for revises if it impedes adaptation to the setting. Travel in and out of pocket dimensions may also be restricted at mod discretion.

So, the short version: no traveling into and out of Reial's universe. Weird spaces that exist inside of Reial's universe are okay, so long as they don't disrupt the game setting.

added August 1st, 2010
edited August 4th, 2010

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