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IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently having issues with applications sent with Yahoo Mail! We receive them just fine, but when we send out the acceptance email, Yahoo eats it as spam. If you use Yahoo, and haven't heard back from us after four days, check your spam folder, and then email or PM us.

Please fill out the following information and e-mail the entire thing to theskytides[at]gmail[dot]com to apply.

Important: Please copy and paste your application into the body of your e-mail for easier mod perusal. Thank you.



AGE: Reial is only about 500 years old. If your character is older than this in their canon then please age them down accordingly.

POSITION AND SHIP: When applying, we recommend listing both a first and second choice for the positions you want. Positions are subject to approval by the captain of said ship. This is not a matter of favouritism and highly depends on the personalities of both the captain in question and the character being applied for.

Even if you have reserved a position, please include two positions.

If your are applying for a military character, please remember to include their rank. The guide here has information on how ranks work in this game.

PERSONALITY: We want to see at least two good sized paragraphs. For more complicated personalities you will likely need more. We want to see how they act on the surface as well as what's going on underneath. This is your chance to show us you understand the ins and outs of your character. Do not forget to include more negative personality traits as well as the positive ones.

For examples of more complicated personalities that required more fleshing out, please look at Miles Edgeworth for how to give detail while not providing far too much for players or moderators to read.

ABILITIES/WEAPONS: When writing this section please keep in mind our rules against overpowered characters. Any powers that can be used to destroy something the size of an airship or rob another player's character of their free will will not be allowed. Illusion powers should also be treated with caution.

We allow all sorts of magic from all sorts of fandoms; however please try to limit your character to approximately three major spells or special powers. Please list these out explicitly with their power levels, strengths and weaknesses, how often they can be used, and so on.

For examples of how to take characters who are very powerful in their own canon please take a look at a character such as Kurosaki Isshin. Ever though he is quite powerful in his own canon and capable of destruction above the levels we allow in the game, he has been toned down in order to fit into the game world.

HOW WELL CAN YOUR CHARACTER HACK?: Be sure to read our hacking guide before answering this question. You must list an actual level: Not at all, Easy, Easy-Medium, Medium, Medium-Hard, Hard, Very Hard, not just 'pretty well' or 'very well' or 'not much'. No matter what level of hacking you choose for your character, you must provide a reason for it. The reason does not have to be very long or complicated; in many cases, a short sentence will do.

WEAKNESSES: Please include both physical and mental weaknesses. If your character does not have any physical weaknesses in his canon but does have a great deal of physical strengths and abilities, please consider adding a physical weakness or some details about what sorts of things they might be weak to. For example, a character's supernatural abilities may temporarily weaken them, or a skilled fighter is affected by physical damage like a normal human. Supernatural weaknesses are also acceptable.

Mental weaknesses should include anything that might be considered personality flaws, flaws in mental capacity, compulsions, personal biases, soft spots and so on.

HISTORY: What we are looking for here is the history of your character in the game world, not the history of your character from their canon. This game is AU, so do whatever you want with it, as long as you retain the spirit of the character. This can be a very difficult section for an AU game since you're adapting your character's history to an entirely different world. However, there are many ways of adapting your character while still keeping the spirit of the character.

For several good examples please look at Manfred von Karma. von Karma's canon background as a lawyer was taken and replaced with being an Admiral in the military. This keeps his drive for perfection and his underhanded methods, but transforms it into a completely different field while maintaining all of those personality traits. Another example of one skill being traded for another is Hiruma Youichi, whose passion for American football has here been transformed into a passion for airship combat, thus allowing him to utilize his keen strategic mind in a manner appropriate for the game's setting. Kurosaki Isshin has replaced Shinigami powers with having been exposed to mana crystals and having a mana crystal enhanced blade for a zanpakuto. Roxas has very little canon history to go on, however the meat of his personality has been kept and the history makes sense with the personality.

There are many towns across Reial that can fit the role of 'bustling cosmopolitan city' or 'backwards mining or logging town' and anything in between. It should not be difficult to take one of these cities to be the home of your character. We allow players to create small towns, especially in the Badlands, but cannot allow the creation of full-scale cities. Smaller islands off the coast of Reial are allowed to be made up as well, and several characters have hailed from these smaller islands.

Please avoid dictating what future canonmates may or may not do. While we realize that it may not be possible to write some characters' apps without mentions of family or friends, we ask that you be as vague as possible in order to avoid boxing other players in. We may ask that you use epithets and euphemisms instead of names or mentions of specific characters. For example: lets say that somebody apped Cloud Strife as a member of a Badlands independence group along with Tifa and Barret, and mentioned that the canon villain, Sephiroth, was a member of the military sent to track them down. Any potential Tifa, Barret, or Sephiroth player would feel pressured to conform to his history, regardless of their own ideas or wishes for their characters. In this case, it would be better to mention that he was a member of a Badlands independence group along with some friends of his, to leave things flexible for other castmates.

Due to the flexible nature of AU, it's also possible to substitute certain things with an alternate universe equivalent or have an addition to your character's family. For example, Isshin Kurosaki plays a similar role as Mr. Hanekoma does in canon for Joshua Kiryu, but does not completely replace him, allowing room for Mr. H to be an appable character. Despite coming from different canons, Red and Ness are brothers in this setting. Before making any substitutions or family additions, however, please contact the player of the character(s) in question and discuss it beforehand.

If you have specific questions about how to add a particularly unique power or history element that has not been addressed please use the Mod contact post

SAMPLES: For the third person sample, we require at least two or three good sized paragraphs, but try not to go on for more than five or six. It should read more like a roleplay sample and not like a piece of fanfiction. Use NPCs or other players sparingly. Try not to have this be one long ramble of introspection. Above all, showcase your character's personality. This is a very important section for the moderators to determine if you have a good feel for your character's voice as well as how you will roleplay them.

For the first person sample, this would be a journal post on the in-game version of the internet or livejournal. They might talk about their thoughts on current events, something that happened to them, making plans to meet someone or introducing themselves to the ship. Try to have this be at least a good sized paragraph; we want to hear their voice here.

P.S. You might want to re-read the rules if you can't think of another addition that your application will need.

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