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Rule 1: DON'T CAUSE TROUBLE. This means no godmoding. No character is allowed to be able to destroy anything roughly as big as a medium-sized airship, so if they're more powerful than that, tone it down! Also, you are not your character. If someone's character is rude to yours, it's not a personal attack. Keep all this in mind and your stay in this game will be a pleasant one.

Rule 2: BE ACTIVE. If you don't post as a character for two weeks, either in a log post or a journal post, then you risk losing that character. Commenting is allowed, only if at least fifteen comments are made to the same journal. However, this is a plot heavy game that focuses on logging, so you must make at least one log tag a month. We are deadly serious about this. If real life is topping you, then may we direct you to the handy dandy hiatus post? By the way, if we catch anyone sitting on their character(s), we're not going to appreciate it. Don't do it.

Rule 3: BE IC. This means stick to your character's canon personality and in-game background, which should fit well with your character's canon. This RP makes it pretty easy to adjust your character's backstory, so there should be no problems with this. Also, don't talk about things IC that are only known OOCly, and for the love of god, don't make constant NC-17 posts. This RP has no rating and no limits on types of relationships (have an eightsome if you can pull it off), but we prefer that all players take logs up to the NC-17 rating sparingly, and only if there is some sort of plot involved. Just be sure to cut all logs and add appropriate warnings.

Rule 4: YOU ARE ALLOWED SIX CHARACTERS. If you can't keep up with them, you lose them. The moderators reserve the right to limit you to six characters or fewer. Some reasons you might not be allowed an additional character at any point include, but are not limited to, being minimally active with the characters you already have or routinely dropping and adding characters. With mod permission, you may be allowed to have a seventh character. This privilege will be given very sparingly. New players are allowed only two characters for their first month in game.

Rule 5: DO NOT F-LOCK YOUR JOURNAL ENTRIES. This game will use both the option of friending all other character journals or looking at the comm's f-list. Locking your entries just makes it harder for other players to see what's going on. This mostly goes for logs as well; we do ask that any logs with content you'd rate as R or higher be locked.

Rule 6: NO OCS, UNADAPTED CANON CHARACTERS, OR PLAYING AS REAL PEOPLE. This game was set up for alternate universe versions of fandom characters, and we feel that OCs distract from this aspect of the game. This also means that no canon characters may be ported in from an alternate dimension (please see the FAQ for more details) We do allow characters from any fictional source, so this is not a limitation! We also do not accept characters with very little canon background. This is case by case and up to mod discretion. If you do not agree with the mods ruling you may find more canon for us to look through. We will not accept sources that are fanon, fan information or sources that are not available in English when making this determination.

Rule 7: WHEN APPLYING, MAKE SURE YOUR SAMPLES USE THE GAME'S SETTING. We want to see how well you roleplay for this game in particular, including any AU changes your character may have.

Rule 8: If your application for a character is rejected, you will not be allowed to apply for THAT CHARACTER again for a period of two weeks. You may still apply for other characters during that time. If you want to try the same character again, you only get ONE extra chance at an application, after the two weeks is up - if you're rejected a second time, we won't consider applications from you for the same character ever again. Please note that a revision request is not a rejection, and you do not have to wait two weeks to revise.

Rule 9: Changes or updates to a character's app requires an app update sent to the mod e-mail. This includes (but is not limited to) larger ability upgrades, major history changes, significant personality shifts and hacking upgrades that are reflected in the game itself. For example, being slightly better at swordfighting doesn't warrant an app update, but being able to control swords with their mind does. If you're uncertain if the change you have merits an app update, feel free to contact a mod for clarification. However, do not implement these changes without mod approval; you will receive a letter when your app update has been processed.

Read the rules? Great! Just add the phrase "Joseph Falls' magnificent beard" in your app, either within the sample itself, or on its own below the Samples section. And yes, that's Falls', not Fall's.

Rule 10: PLEASE DO NOT CROWD A SHIP WITH A SINGLE FANDOM CAST. While we do allow wriggle room for larger casts, keep in mind that the ratio of a cast to a ship should be at most roughly one-third. This is so to prevent the ships from being overtaken by a single cast and also encourage spreading for interaction - the game is panfandom, after all. If you are uncertain about apping a character to a ship whose cast seems big, feel free to contact a mod to clarify your concerns.

Rule 11: Sex logs involving underage players are banned. The Sky Tides does not have a sexual focus, but sexual situations do happen on occasion. In the event these happen, we require the players involved to be at or over the age of 18. Please state somewhere public, such as character applications or profiles, whether or not you are 18 or above. Lying about your age will not be tolerated. This game will not discriminate players based on age and will not tolerate its players doing so.

FOR THE theskytides COMMUNITY:
Roleplaying done in either threading or logs via AIM are to be posted here. Anything else in third person meant to be IC for the game, such as narratives, also go here.

Here's a guide for how to label your threads and logs:

These are, of course, to be used as first-person entries as if the characters were writing in a real electronic journal. One difference with this setting is that entries that would otherwise be non-viewable can only be hacked by characters that are skilled with difference engines. Check out our hacking guidelines for specifics.

When posting in personal journals, please use the following indicators in the subject line. This tells others just who your post is accessible to. These markings may also be used in the body of a post as well.

[PUBLIC] - This post will be viewable to everyone.

[PRIVATE] - This post is absolutely private. Only the person who wrote it can read it.

[FILTERED], [FILTERED TO] - This post is only viewable by certain people, who will need to be listed. If the list is too long, put it in the body of your post instead.

[VOHEMAR MILITARY], [CREW OF THE AMESTRIS], [CHEESE] - These are the indicators used to filter to any large group of people, whether they be as large as all military personnel or smaller groups such as the crew of a ship.

Don't forget that, while the journals are capable of making voice posts, they are unable to make video posts. It simply isn't technologically possible.

FOR theskyport, THE OOC COMM:
Anything at all can be posted here! Mod announcements will go in here as well. Just be sure to lock any questionable content, and keep all OOC related to the game.

FOR tidesnews:
This journal is used by the mods to post IC news articles from various locations. These posts will generally not be open for comments, as the journal is meant to mimic a news feed of sorts. Some articles might be important, and some articles might have no meaning at all, but regardless it's a good idea to keep reading. You're welcome to decide whether or not your characters will be reading them, of course!

FOR saltybirds:
This is the journal that mods will use to post announcements and updates. These posts will all be important, so pay attention!

FOR theskytits:
Joining this is completely optional! This is the 'crack' community for the game, where memes, art, fanfiction, and other fun things related to the game will be posted. None of this is considered canon, so feel free to go nuts!

GETTING STARTED: Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application FACTIONS & SHIPS: Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List
INFORMATION: FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary ¤ Holidays ¤ Information Permissions ¤ Wiki ¤ Ship Tracker ¤ Timeline: 2008/2009
CONTACT: Player Contact ¤ Friends Add ¤ Hiatus/Mod Contact ¤ Complaints/Concerns ¤ Ship Plot Suggestions ¤ Pimping Code

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