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NOTE: This ship is currently CLOSED to PASSENGERS.

"What sort of half-mad fool thought this ship up? It will never work."

Part diplomatic convoy, part Ivonian military, part entertainment venue, the Amestris is a ship with many functions but few discernible goals. She travels the skies mostly as a vessel of international peace, ferrying diplomats, hosting conferences, and putting on critically-acclaimed theatrical performances wherever she makes port. Though it is based in Ivona, people every nation are welcome on the Amestris; representatives, diplomats, military personnel, or even just actors looking for work.

The Amestris is a sizeable ship, and innovative in its design in order to accommodate her unique functions. Aside from the elegant interior and exterior design, the spacious living quarters for both entertainers and other personnel alike, and the many public areas (primarily used for diplomatic affairs), the Amestris features a full-sized hall for theatrical performances and even a fully open-able roof. Add in the occasional grand ball and it is hardly surprising that she is renowned as a floating oasis of culture and prosperity.

"Free melons for everyone, ohohoho!"

It is worth mentioning, however, that even a ship as grandly public as the Amestris has more than its fair share of rumors. Captained by Ivonian war hero Grand Admiral King Bradley, the Amestris has very strong Ivonian ties, despite their status as militarily neutral. While Bradley is the very model of disconcerting good cheer, you don't want to poke into the dark rumours about his involvement in the bloody Badlands Rebellions. At least, not if you want a personal meeting with the wrath he's said to reserve for the battlefield.

CAPTAINED BY: Grand Admiral King Bradley [Wrath] (notrueking)
FIRST MATE: Zeetha (daughterofchump)
REPRESENTATIVE (Two open): Vohemar (one open) - None, Erealia (one open) - None, Kropmork (One open) - None
DIPLOMAT (Nine open): Ivona (One open) - Susan Sto Helit (nohoppityskip), Major Flynn Scifo (dragon_radiance), Vohemar (Three open) - None, Erealia (Two open) - Othar Tryggvassen (killallsparks), Kropmork (Three open) - None
COORDINATOR (One open): Sanae Hanekoma Kurosaki (justacafeowner)
QUARTERMASTER (One Open): Lieutenant Commander Katsura Kotaro (notabomber), Major Leo de Alkirk (fangofjustice), Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi
BOATSWAIN (One open): Lieutenant Hijikata Toshirou (mayovice), Lieutenant Commander Rangiku Matsumoto (flower_of_war), Major Sajin Komamura (thewayfindsyou)
HEAD OF SECURITY: Michael Garibaldi (godofrustration)
SECURITY (Four open): Lieutenant Link Lupine Éspirit (sockcapsoldier), Lieutenant Dick Gumshoe (zagakuto), Leica Kit (justkitting)
STRATEGIST: Naoto Shirogane (fifthshirogane), Lieutenant Commander Jyuushirou Ukitake (wavesandthunder), Tokugawa Ieyasu (bondsofunity)
NAVIGATOR (One open): Roxas Orior (sunset_summers)
RADIO OPS (Four open):
RECORDS KEEPER (One open): Millie Thompson (peoplenpudding), Huang Rong (the19thchief)
PILOT (Five open): Lieutenant Jean Havoc (aliasjacqueline)
COOK (Four open): Mii-kun (thisismiikun
DOCTOR/HEALER (One open): Professor Joseph Hojo (unsoundmind), Ariane Emory (myworknotme), Szayel Apollo Granz (luminanomnom)
MECHANIC (Five open):
HELMSMAN (Two open):
AIRMAN (Five open): Kanji Tatsumi (oh_sew_manly)
CABIN BOY (Two open): Chi (gokigen), Isa Selwyn (beforethescar)
ENTERTAINER (Sevenopen): Sophie Hatter (madhattersophie), Hwang Bu-ling (barrelobuling), Kazutaka Muraki (dr_kazu), Gold Hibiki (silence_is_not), Lea Cole (rascalflame)
PASSENGERS: Howl (strange_wonders), Phoenix Wright (isntthatwright), General Eustace Grumman (generaltroll), Uryuu Ishida (regendrache), Allen Walker (xray_exorcist), Doctor Angelina Durless (la_rouge_madame), Aileru Alderliesten (sendsashiver)

"Oh, don’t worry, you’ll meet the captain soon enough. There’s more to this ship than meets the eye.”

Despite its reputation as an outgoing and friendly ship famous for adventure and daring deeds, the Convoy is a ship that holds many mysteries. For one thing, nobody is really sure what the captain is like. Few outside the crew have seen him in person, dealing instead with the eccentric mercenary who serves as first mate. But a mercenary ship the Convoy is not; though it takes almost any paying job, ranging from cargo transport to fighting off a wave of monsters a town can’t handle, it has a reputation for rescues and other acts of heroism, asking for nothing but thanks and safe harbor in return. So long as you mean no harm, no job, big or small, is too tough for the Convoy.

But if you do mean harm, you will find yourself faced with a powerful enemy. This isn’t your average soft-hearted group of do-gooders: there is much more than meets the eye to this ship... and its mysterious captain. A close secret from anyone outside the crew, the ship itself is the captain - in a sense. An ancient construct from a long-dead world of machines, he walks the ship as a ten-foot-tall robot, but can transform into part of the helm and fly it himself in a pinch. The crew knows him as Optimus Prime. Revived by those who would use him as a weapon of war, Optimus now champions peace and is devoted to stopping widespread conflict from erupting across the continent and destroying Reial, as it destroyed his home so many years ago.

If you want help from the Convoy, all you need to do is ask, whether it’s protection from a school of sky sharks or just a steady job and a home – and anyone is welcome on this ship. Once you’re in Optimus Prime’s crew, you’re part of a tight-knit team, and he never, ever leaves a man behind.

Just see you don’t betray that trust, or you’ll find yourself out of a job and in the hands of a very angry robot.

CAPTAINED BY: Optimus Prime (thegoodtouch)
FIRST MATE: Pip Bernadette (coyotealpha)
QUARTERMASTER (Three open): Dinobot (daggersinsmile)
BOATSWAIN: Nikolas Kamarov (anothercoldwar), Erza Scarlet (armorgal), Ret. Major Manfred Pfirsich Rommel (a_perfect_peach)
TECHNOLOGY MASTER (One open): Sam Linnfer (son_of_time), Hexadecimal (so_many_moods), Rikku Dalabane (tiny_tinker_toy)
WEAPONS MASTER (One open): Milk Palmier (drinkitlovelife), Angua (prelunartension)
STRATEGIST: Ret. Admiral Iroh (myfavoritetea), Brooklyn (mrfastandsteady)
NAVIGATOR (Three open):
RADIO OPS: Sakuraba Neku (hushthenoise), Bumblebee (flightofthe), Blue Chartreu (trickrevolution)
GUNNER (Three open): Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito (curry_ramen), Silver Laran (tsuntrainer)
RECORDS KEEPER: Justin Warrick (scaredbrilliant), Miles Edgeworth (edge_of_honor)
PILOT: Sara Werec/Cruz (dontkillmebro), Nena Trinity (pink_is_best), Ichigo Kurosaki (flight_15), Oerba Yun Fang (distortedbrand), Ruby Lock-Strafe (handsoffmyhiro)
COOK: Jean Dispar (gypsymothdance), Shinjiro Aragaki (adiosasshole), Paula Polestar (miraclehymn), Kimihiro Watanuki (flailingbento)
DOCTOR/HEALER: Ness Lakehaven (eighthmelody), Braska Abreau (morninginlight), Mamma Gkika (jaegermamma), Penelo Galbana (penny_dancer)
MECHANIC (Three open): Okita Souji (spannertime), Vo Spader (traveler_boy), Kuro (invincible_kuro)
TECHNICIAN (Five open): Green Oak (counter_type)
HELMSMAN (Two open): Red Lakehaven (wontcallhome)
COMBAT TRAINER: Ulquiorra Schiffer (murcielago), Manfred von Karma (karmauberalles), Utena Tenjou (princelyspirit)
AIRMAN (Seven open):
CABIN BOY (Four open): Rock Lee (the_blue_beast)
POWDER MONKEY (Two open): Gaara no Sabaku (hiccup_ninja)
PASSENGERS: Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu (fallingjunkyard), Oichi (oppositeshore)

"You're gonna come with us. You like ships. You don't seem to be lookin' at the destinations. What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest."

On the outside, Serenity - not the Serenity, just Serenity - may not be much to look at. In fact, certain unimaginative folk have gone so far as to call her a useless piece of junk (and that's the polite version). However, this ship is sturdier than most people give her credit for, thanks to the wits of her crew and good old fashioned engineering. Besides, a ship doesn't have to be pretty. It just needs to get the job done.

What sort of jobs does Serenity do, you ask? Well, it'll do almost anything under the sun, save for the most despicable lines of work. Captained by revolutionary-turned-smuggler Malcolm Reynolds, this boat stays afloat thanks to money from all sorts of ill begotten work. If you need something delivered or picked up away from the watchful eyes of the law, then Serenity's your ship, and if you need something a little extra... well, Mal will see what his boys and girls can do for you. They might even do something honest and legitimate.

"It never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?"

However, things rarely go according to plan for this ragtag group of thieves, smugglers, and assorted ne'er-do-wells. When a job goes south, they'll need some muscle to back themselves up, but more importantly than that, they'll need keen minds, sharp wits, and silver tongues. This 'legitimate business enterprise' has gotten itself into dozens of scraps (and ran away from countless more), but usually manage to get out of it alive, if limping, thanks to a little bit of ingenuity and a strong bond of loyalty amongst the crew. Speaking of which... do not mess with Mal's crew. They've got enough enemies outside the ship without creating more inside the ship. Then again, if you'd like to become intimately familiar with how Serenity's engines work, feel free to try.

CAPTAINED BY: Malcolm Reynolds (in_the_latin)
FIRST MATE: Zoë Alleyne (takemesir)
QUARTERMASTER: Marluxia Endleofan (phytotoxin), Yoruichi Shihōin (flashstepfeline), Zhang He (butterflyjades), Setzer Gabianni (chipinyourpile)
BOATSWAIN (One open): Hiruma Youichi (onequarterdevil), Rukia Kuchiki (face_kick)
STRATEGIST (Three open):
NAVIGATOR (One open): Hyuuga Neji (reborn_wings)
PUBLIC RELATIONS (Two open): Mitarashi Anko (thesnakecharm), Dimo (theschmotone), Jenka (causink_trouble), Luppi (ivy_girl)
RADIO OPS (One open): Hanamura Yosuke (secondarcana), Minato Arisato (orphism), Bangladesh DuPree (crazywithguns)
GUNNER (One open): Badou Nails (gimme_smokes), Hisoka Kurosaki (son_of_the_lake), Xigbar (dodgyallround)
PILOT (Two open): Fox McCloud (defenses_gone), Reno Harkin (electro_phoenix)
COOK (One open): Angel Starr (bustybentobabe), Anthy Himemiya (anthypants)
DOCTOR/HEALER (Three open): Isshin Kurosaki (daddys_bear)
MECHANIC (Two open): Hiyori Sarugaki (fanged_brat), Nack Hayes (nouseincryin), Dean Winchester (surfaceshine)
HELMSMAN (One open): Seta Souji (find_my_truth)
AIRMAN (Eight open): Hisagi Shuuhei (reapingwinds), Shi Ryuuki (anonymousryuuki)
CABIN BOY (Four open): Kiryuu Kaoru (windsofdaytime)
POWDER MONKEY (Four open):
PASSENGERS: Low Key Lyesmith [Loki] (putmeinstitches), Soma Cruz (white_mathias)

GETTING STARTED: Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application FACTIONS & SHIPS: Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List
INFORMATION: FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary ¤ Holidays ¤ Information Permissions ¤ Wiki ¤ Ship Tracker ¤ Timeline: 2008/2009
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